"Matt has been my go to guy for solo violin, double bass, guitars (live and acoustic), bass, mandolin and accordion. His knowledge of the studio, mic techniques as well as his production mindset give him a great edge when having him lay down live instrumental tracks for my compositions. It's so great to know you can trust someone to play, record and produce all on their own time while I can continue writing in my own studio."

Kevin Manthei: Composer. Ultimate Spider-Man, Generator Rex (TV), Neverwinter (VG), Justice League: The New Frontier (Film)

"Matt Montgomery brings street smarts to song design. Such a tunesmith! Just when I'd given up hope a his generation would generate real melodic value to all that Pops---Matt serves up such a sonic tonic. In his album production, savvy, seamless arranging. Never fussy. Here, bare bones brittle, or there, inviting as a collapse into a lush, unmown field of Spring grass."

Van Dyke Parks: Beach Boys, Randy Newman, U2, Rufus Wainwright, Ringo Starr, Harry Nillson, Silverchair

"Matt Montgomery is easily the most proliferate and productive composer I have ever worked with. Being a true multi-instrumentalist, he can compose in a wide variety of styles from an honest perspective. More than just a seat in the pipeline, Matt is a artist whose compositions support the experience aiming to be achieved. His contributions to Rocksmith made production of a seemingly insurmountable amount of unique, and engaging content, possible. It's very uncommon to find a composer quite like Matt."

Nicholas Bonardi - Lead Audio Designer Ubisoft SF

"Matt Montgomery is an intrinsically musical being - whether he's playing the violin, the guitar, or singing, he speaks the language of music more fluently than anyone else I know. Add Matt's kind, good natured personality into the mix, and you've got a perfect partner in crime for making hits."

Seth Chapla - Guitar Hero, Band Fuse, Disney Games, Chapla Labs

"Matt is an extremely talented multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, a recording artist, and an accomplished string arranger. His arrangements are musically well conceived, and are enjoyable to play. He is highly skilled in writing for string ensembles, and knows how to creatively preserve the character of the original song he is arranging, regardless of the size of the project's ensemble--duo, trio, quartet, etc. We have used his services over the past few years and are very satisfied with his work. "

"I recommend Matt Montgomery's musical arranging services to anyone. He is a pleasure to work with."

SByrne Newhart - Starlite Strings

"Matt has been an essential part of my remote orchestra for over fifteen years. I can always count on him to take direction well, provide deeply emotional performances, and deliver the highest production quality in recordings. Matt's friendly, courteous demeanor has shaped a wonderful working experience for every project in which we've collaborated."

Brian Barrale (Composer/Lyricist, Content Creator, Angel Investor): Disneyland (ride/attraction), Phil Spector (HBO feature film), American Pickers (TV series)