"Matt has been my go to guy for solo violin, double bass, guitars (live and acoustic), bass, mandolin and accordion. His knowledge of the studio, mic techniques as well as his production mindset give him a great edge when having him lay down live instrumental tracks for my compositions. It's so great to know you can trust someone to play, record and produce all on their own time while I can continue writing in my own studio."
Kevin Manthei: Composer. Ultimate Spider-Man, Generator Rex (TV), Neverwinter (VG), Justice League: The New Frontier (Film)

Besides his work as a composer, Matt Montgomery also specializes in instrumental performance and production. He has done over a hundred remote sessions working in almost every genre imaginable. This has included Film Scores, Rock/Pop, RnB, Country, Electronic, Tango, and many more.


Matt records solo violin and viola, and also replicates the sound of a full string orchestra by recording multiple layers using different violins and mic positions. These can then be blended with your sample libraries, or used on their own. It's amazing what even one live violin can do to bring life and energy to a sampled string section.


Simply send a MIDI file of your sampled strings, and Matt can turn these into parts that he can then use to perform and record your string section. Matt is also an accomplished string arranger in a variety of genres.


Matt will record a high quality DI signal, along with a miced amp. These can later be run through an amp simulator or reamped, giving the maximum ammount of control during the mix. Matt has a variety of guitar amps and amp simulators (Guitar Rig 5, Amplitube 3) that can be used.


Matt's acoustic instruments include a Spanish Classical Guitar, Mandolin, Steel String Acoustic, Hi String Acoustic, Ukulele, Lap Steel Slide Guitar, Banjo, and Autoharp (For a complete list see the Studio section). He records with both a close mic and a room mic for maximum control during the mix.


Matt has worked with people from all over the country and is well versed in all of the various methods of transfering files. This includes Gobbler, Google Drive, Dropbox, YouSendIt, FTP, and others.